You can receive a complete and comprehensive consultation without leaving the comfort of your home. You simply fill out the required pages of self-information and I will promptly get back with you and fully educate you concerning your health or fitness problems, and concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is my philosophy concerning health and fitness?
  • I believe the human body was created with an amazing set of systems (like the immune system) that can correct most bodily problems when it is placed in the right environment. 
  • There are three aspects to our being and we cannot separate them.  We have a mind with emotions; a physical body, and a spirit that dwells in us.  When one aspect of our being is in stress it effects the others, and we must strive to acheive a state of wellness in each of these parts of our being.
  • It is always better to prevent sickness and disease than to find a way to cure it!
  • It is wiser to try non invasive techniques and methods prior to using pharmaceutical drug or surgeries, unless there exists a life threatening condition.
  • God has placed everything on this planet for us to live in a state of wellness.
Why should you consult with me concerning your health & wellness problems or concerns?
  • I have been helping people achieve a higher degree of health and fitness for more than thirty-five years, and during this time I have learned an enormous amount of information regarding health and fitness.  
  • I have a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University and a Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College.
  • I am Board Certified as an Alternative Medical Practitioner by the American Alternative Medical Association.
  • I am the author of "Healthy & Fit After Fifty".
  • I have owned and operated Health Centers, in the past, for more than twelve years.
  • I am the 2013 INBA National Ultra Masters Bodybuilding & Physique Champion.
  • I practice what I preach and I maintain a high level of health and fitness for myself.
  • I have a strong desire to see other people live healthy and happy lives.
  • I have Christian values and ethics!

What can you expect from a consultation?

  • Your personal health and wellness will be thoroughly reviewed and any areas that can be improved upon will be noted in your consultation response from me.
  • I will educate you concerning any and all of your health problems or concerns, and you can utilize this information to make adjustments in activity levels, and diet and supplementation.
  • Please note that I intentionally do not sell any supplemental products because I want to give you a totally unbiased opinion that will be most effective for you.

How much does a comprehensive consultation cost?

  • Online Consultation: $29.95 (U.S.) and there are no hidden costs or fees.  
  • Telephone Consultation: $39.95 (U.S.) and there are no hidden costs or fees. 
  • House calls available in the Ark-La-Tex area: prices are determined according to location. 

Would you need more than one consultation?
  • There are some health and fitness problems that may require additional information and feedback from you after you have tried the recommendations, and there may be new problems that arise at a later date.

FAQ's About Naturopathic Consultations:
    To cure disease is noble...To prevent disease is wise!
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