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Should I Use Supplements?

If a person were able to maintain a lifestyle where he or she ate the majority of their diet in the form of fruits and vegetables, ingested the right types of fat, limited meat consumption, drank the right amount of water, didn't smoke or drink, and had very little stress in their life I would be inclined to say they would not need to supplement their diet with additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or herbs.

With that said, I have to add that I have met very few people that live this way.  Most people would do well to add the right supplements to their diets.  Knowing what is right for you could be a difficult task.  I believe everyone should take a good whole food multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, and according to your age there are other supplement that are important to take on a regular basis.

If you are not sure about which supplements would benefit you the most, you should consult a health professional that could aim you in the right direction!

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